Unlike most staffing agencies, we have a dedicated team of Direct Hire Consultants who specialize in targeted recruiting, sourcing, and negotiating complex compensation packages for elite talent.  Our unique vetting process and extensive talent network ensures you’ll find talent with the technical chops and culture fit you need—FAST. We guarantee it!

Companies can spend 6+ months trying to hire a candidate. We go from a job description to you assigning an employee parking space, on average, in a month or less. We achieve this by limiting the number of jobs our consultants work on at any given time to ensure personalized service, responsiveness, and speed.

Our global talent network and skill in targeted recruiting gives us access to a vast pool of qualified candidates, including those employed, confidential talent who aren’t applying for jobs.

From independent assessments to in-depth briefs, we expertly vet every candidate to ensure both technical skills and cultural fit are a match.

Our Direct Hire Consultants only handle perm roles—and only a few at a time—so you get a truly “white glove” hiring experience.

Our consultants are expert in targeted recruiting, sourcing passive talent, keeping talent engaged, comparing complex compensation packages, and getting offer acceptance. We know the landscape and can compare/contrast and sell the benefits of working for your company to ensure you get the best talent.