The goal of MSSAudio Visual Support is to help you collaborate at the highest level by leveraging technology at meetings and events. Our partnership guarantees you will achieve the highest ROI possible in meeting, event and distance collaboration technologies, realizingsavings in travel, and in the time it takes to overcome the technical hiccups that so often occur in meetings. On large events, CSI willencourage the use of audio visualequipment owned by your company, which will easily pay for itself in rental savings. Our on site staffing rates are highly competitive with the rates of labor at large venues, and your employees will have the comfort of working with people who are familiar with your company culture.

MSS Audio Visual Support Benefits of Managed Services :

  • Meetings begin on time and the technology runs in the background
  • Attendees focus on the substance of meetings instead of technical distractions
  • Conference room and collaboration technology is adopted and utilized to full extent
  • Highest possible ROI in meeting and collaboration technology
  • Significant decrease in travel time and costs
  • Significant carbon footprint reduction
Global Meeting and Event Support :
The technology used in global meetings can vary a great deal depending on the location, number
of attendees at each site, and the unique needs of each meeting. CSI can help your workforce understand the correct solution for each scenario, whether it be video conferencing, teleconferencing, web conferencing, web casting or any combination. Our onsite staff will help get meetings started on time, so attendees can concentrate on the business at hand instead of stressing out about the technology. Read more about each service below.
Collaboration and Conference Room Technology Training :
While advancements in conference room technology have increased capabilities, just thinking about using it can be daunting to the average presenter stressed about the content of a meeting. Our user training programs are designed to guarantee the highest ROI on the one thing most valuable to all of us
time. Our team will learn your systems, make
recommendations for improvements and
create a program that will empower employees to leverage the equipment
and maximize the return on your investments in it.
MSS staff will train users how to most effectively use video conferencing systems, slide sharing applications and any other meeting technologies. The results will save your company time and money on travel, increase the effectiveness of teams spred around the globe, and help you compete at the highest level in your industry.